The prominent characteristics of Abietic acid

Abietic acid ,I think everyone is very familiar with it .Because it is used around our daily life,so it has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. It has brought us a lot of benefits.However,what’s the Abietic acid?,and what’s it prominent characteristic?Then,I will tell you the information.
According to my understanding ,Abietic acid is a yellowish resinous powder,or a colorless crystalline.It is insoluble in water, but soluble in ethanol, benzene, chloroform, ethyl ether, acetone, carbon disulfide and dilute sodium hydroxide solution.It is a main component of natural rosin resin. Abietic acid has other two names.some people call it abietinic acid,and the oters call it sylvic acid.It occurs widely in coniferous trees which is a species of pine. In the business,it is always a glassy or partly crystalline,the solid of it is yellowish,and its melts at temperatures as low as 85° C (185° F).It is also a diterpene group of organic compounds which derives from four isoprene units.It is the single ethanol flake crystallization in the water.When it is oxygenated in air,it will be soft, tacky, and low-melting . Rosin is flammable,when it is burning,there is a lot of thick,it should not be storaged under the sunlight in a long time when it is broken in order to prevent its automatic oxidation.It is mainly used as viscous agent. Rosin has three types, gum msin, tall oil rosin and wood rosin.Tall oil rosin is produced in the legal system wood pulp of liquid on the surface of the CuFu oil as raw materials, it is made through washing, acid solution, the oil-water separator, dry dehydration, preheating, vacuum fractionation process.
Nowadays, Abietic acid is more and more popular because of its prominent characteristics, because of this,it has many uses. Rosin acid ester (such as ethylene glycol esters and methyl and glyceride) are used to paint and varnish, also used in soap, plastic and resin. After rosin acid treatment of pigment which is widely used in ink color. In the very long period of time, Rosin has been used for caulking ships.But in the modern time, the prominent characteristics of Abietic acid has been improved.Through the heat treatment,it will become more stability.Some people maybe don’t know one thing,that is, Abietic acid can be converted into ester gum under some conditions.But what’s the ester gum?That is hard resins which produced by the esterification of the rosin. Ester gum is widely used in paints, varnishes, and lacquers.While, Abietic acid is always used in lacquers, varnishes, and soaps. Most important of all, Abietic acid is used in fermentation industry, and it also can be used as a soap and paper industry packing.
In fact, there is 50% ethanol extracts from Resina pini. Its inhibitory activity can against testosterone 5α-reductase prepared from prostate.However,this activity is very purified. Abietic acid is very safety,it can be called a "nonhazardous natural substances" at a period of time. In the molecular structure,  it has  hydrocarbons in both good solution of hydrogen Philippines nuclear,and it also has high polar carboxyl,so it has good compatibility of synthetic resin with rubber. At the same time because it has three-dimensional hydrogenated Philippines nuclear, which make the viscous effect remarkable. According to the different aims ,its dosage is varied, from 1 ~ 100 quality .
In our daily life, Abietic acid is good to us,it is a pure natural material,and it has no harm for us. Thus,we can find that Abietic acid is quite important for us. Abietic acid can be used in lacquers, varnishes, and soaps. In fact,its function is not only that I have referred above. As long as people developed its characteristics,I believe,it will give people more and more benefits.