The applications of Aluminum triethoxide

Aluminum triethoxide is known as reductant,it exists as a white powder.Aluminum triethoxide is mainly used in the chemical industry.And it plays a important role in some chemical reactions.
Aluminum triethoxide is liquid when just it is boiled out,but it turns to a white solid slowly.It is resolved when it meets water,and it has strong hygroscopic.Its decomposition substances are aluminum hydroxide and ethanol after it absorbs the water in the air. Aluminum triethoxide is easy to dissolve in hot dimethyl benzene, chlorobenzene and the other high boiling point solvents.
Aluminum triethoxide is used as aldehydes and ketones reductant.And it is also used as polymerization catalysts. Aluminum triethoxide is mainly used by Sol-Gel Process preparation of high purity aluminium sesquioxide,which is a polymerization agent.At the same time,it is used as reduction reagents,for example, carbonyl compounds restore to alcohol.