Information about tellurium trioxide

Tellurium trioxide (TeO3) is an asleep actinic admixture of tellurium and oxygen. In this compound, tellurium is in the +6 blaze state.
There are two forms, yellow-red α-TeO3 and grey, rhombohedral, β-TeO3 which is beneath reactive.
α-TeO3 has a anatomy agnate to FeF3 with octahedral TeO6 units that allotment all vertices.
α-TeO3 can be able by heating orthotelluric acid, Te(OH)6 at over 300°C .The β-TeO3 anatomy can be able by heating α-TeO3 in a closed tube with O2 and H2SO4.
α-TeO3 is apathetic to baptize but is a able oxidising abettor if heated. With alkalis it forms tellurates.
α-TeO3 if acrimonious loses oxygen to anatomy firstly Te2O5 and again TeO2.