The information of Lithium Silicates

l Lithium Silicate forms a stable high ratio, low viscosity solution.
l Once dried, Lithium Silicate is relatively insoluble compared to Potassium
and Sodium Silicates.
l Efflorescence Scale: Li < K < Na
l Refractoriness: Lithium Silicates have higher melting points and may
change the refractory properties of Sodium and Potassium Silicates.
l Adhesion: Addition of Lithium Silicate to Sodium or Potassium Silicates
may improve the adhesion to various different surfaces.
l Concrete surface treatment
l Concrete admixture
l Coatings, usually as part of the binder system
l Welding rod binder additive
l Refractory applications
l Flame retardant
l Ceramics, glazes