what is purity Glabridin uses for?

1)  Glabridin has many resistant poison ingredients,so,its function is strong. Once a Japanese scholar had reported that, glabridin had the experimental peptic ulcer resistance and anti-inflammatory effects.And it is already made for medicines on the market. Research shows that this drug can strengthen the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) antagonist function.
At the same time, glabridin has a stronger inhibitory effect on the aggregation of Collagen induced platelet.There are three flavonoids which have stronger proliferation inhibitory ability of AIDS virus (HIV) than the licorice sweet in the licorice,which caused widespread attention at home and abroad for a time.On the current market,the most of flavonoids are the crude extracts, generally,the content of flavonoids ultraviolet is 45,90 %. Glabridin is mostly used as resistance of lipid peroxidation,and it is also used as the drug which treat other diseases,such as ulcer, spasm, diabetes, mental disease, arrhythmia,etc.
2)  Moreover, glabridin is used as active ingredient which is used in senior whitening cosmetics,it can inhibit the tyrosinase activity strongly,so it can achieve the result of beauty through whitening,freckle Whitening on the skin.While,it can inhibit tyrosinase activity,its oxidation resistance is close to vitamin E. Health care medicines contain protein and amino acids, lipid, polysaccharides, fruit acid, vitamins, trace elements,etc. The protein and amino acid hydrolysis in cosmetics,so,glabridin is the cosmetic ingredients. In the the theory of traditional Chinese medicine,it is often added to the compound whitening faded spot cosmetics, clinical treat the following skin problems:
    1. chloasma
    2. contact dermatitis because of using all kinds of chemical cosmetics
    3. usually acne because of the hot body blood and improper diet
     4. solar and drug dermatitis
    5. freckles because of kidney deficiency
 Glabridin can go into the internal skin and keep it highly active,effectively restrain many of the enzyme activity in the melamin process.And it can prevent the skin of rough and anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial.
 Glabridin is the good effect and comprehensive whitening ingredient.It is the main effect components of the international high-grade whitening cosmetics.Glabridin has very strong antibacterial and sterilization ability,so,it can reduce the skin scar or not scar pigmentation after it had demaged.