Acetochlor Introduction


Acetochlor is a herbicide broadly acclimated on blah in Minnesota, and to a bound extent, aswell on soybeans. Accepted barter names for acetochlor articles cover Harness, Keystone, SureStart, Surpass, Volley and Warrant. In 2005, it was activated to 33% of Minnesota blah acres, authoritative it the third-most-used blah herbicide in the accompaniment in agreement of acreage covered (see "Pesticide Use in Minnesota"). Depending on the specific acetochlor artefact label, it is registered in Minnesota for use on acreage corn, popcorn, assembly berry corn, silage corn, candied blah and soybeans.
Acetochlor controls weeds by inhibiting advance of bulb shoots. It needs to be activated afore weeds germinate to be effective; therefore, it is about activated just afore or afterwards planting. Acetochlor provides acceptable ascendancy of a lot of anniversary blooming weeds and a amount of anniversary broadleaf weeds. Its ascendancy of abiding weeds is bound to chicken nutsedge (Cultural and Chemical Edger Ascendancy in Acreage Crops 2006, University of Minnesota, 2006.). It is generally acclimated in aggregate with added herbicides to access "broad-spectrum" edger control. Atrazine is the a lot of accepted herbicide acclimated in aggregate with acetochlor (Table 1).
Other preemergence blah herbicides which accommodate edger ascendancy agnate to acetochlor cover dimethenamid-P (Outlook, Slider), s-metolachlor (Charger, Dual II Magnum, Clinch), and pendimethalin (Prowl)*. (Cultural and Chemical Edger Ascendancy in Acreage Crops 2006, University of Minnesota, 2006.).
Acetochlor is in the chloroacetanilide herbicide ancestors which aswell includes the herbicides alachlor, dimethenamid, and metolachlor. It is in herbicide Site of Action Group 15, accepted as long-chain blubbery acerbic inhibitors (Corn and Soybean Herbicide Mode of Action Chart, University of Wisconsin Extension, 2007.).
Acetochlor is currently not a Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP); therefore, no appropriate acceptance is bare for its use unless it is getting activated for appoint or if it is getting acclimated in aggregate with a Restricted Use Pesticide such as atrazine. If acetochlor is getting activated for appoint or acclimated in aggregate with a Restricted Use Pesticide, pesticide applicators charge to be accountant or certified by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), a action which includes casual an assay on able pesticide use. Information on Minnesota's pesticide applicator acceptance and licensing programs.