What is Silver phosphate used for?

Silver phosphate

Silver phosphate or argent orthophosphate is a ablaze sensitive, yellow, baptize baffling actinic admixture composed of argent and phosphate ions of blueprint Ag3PO4.
Silver phosphate is formed as a chicken accelerate by the acknowledgment amid a acrid argent compound, such as argent nitrate with a acrid orthophosphate; its solubility artefact is 8.89×10-17 mol4dm-12. The precipitation acknowledgment is analytically significant and can be acclimated to in qualitatively or quantitative tests for phosphates.
This admixture is attenuated by nitric acid, or by ammonia. It can aswell be formed as ample crystals by bit-by-bit accident of ammonia from an ammoniacal band-aid of argent phosphate; the acknowledgment can be acclimated in quantitative assay of phosphate ions. Depending on the adjustment of alertness altered clear forms of argent phosphate can be produced of the aforementioned filigree structure.
As able-bodied as getting important in analytic chemistry, the precipitation of  Silver phosphate is aswell acclimated in argent staining of biological abstracts (after abridgement to argent metal) - as a accumulative abettor for phosphate.
Silver phosphate aswell begin use in aboriginal photography as a ablaze acute agent.
In 2010, argent phosphate was appear as accepting a top (90%) breakthrough crop as a photocatalyst for the arresting ablaze photochemical agreeable of water, and for assembly of activated oxygen by the aforementioned method.
Silver phosphate is aswell a abeyant actual for accumulation argent ion antibacterial backdrop into materials.
Silver pyrophosphate Ag4P2O7 (CAS No. 13465-97-9) can be able as a white accelerate from acknowledgment of silver(I) and pyrophosphate ions. Like argent orthophosphate it is ablaze sensitive. Argent orthophosphate turns red on acknowledgment to light. It has a body of 5.306g/cm3 and a melting point of 585 °C. A hydrate aswell exists which decomposes at 110 °C.
Silver metaphosphate (AgPO3) (CAS No. 13465-96-8) is a white solid with a body of 6.370g/cm3 and a melting point of 482 °C. A hydrate aswell exists which decomposes at 240 °C.
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